Types of projects we typically work on

Types of projects we typically work on

Whole house restorations, renovations and remodels

Renovating a house can be an exciting and potentially a profitable thing to undertake to to , but it can also be pretty daunting. the benefits of renovating range from discovering original features hidden away and so the chance to position your own stamp on something to getting a house that’s bigger or during a higher area than you’d well be able to afford. The success of renovating a house ultimately comes right right down to good preparation and being awake to what lies ahead. Going into a house renovation with the expectation that there will be some surprises within the shop could also be a wise idea

Our approach during this process is to repair existing features, make the house dry and safe and undo any well-intentioned mistakes that will affect the condition of the building (such as breathable stone walls covered in impermeable waterproof coatings that cause damp).

Home Additions

We have a longtime reputation for supplying the most effective quality bathrooms, showers and kitchens. Why not visit our large showroom in Hadleigh and see for yourself what we’ve to provide .Exclusive product ranges are on display in our large showroom and these own-brand products represent
excellent value for money, which are up to 50% cheaper than like for like ranges from other manufacturers. So devour one amongst our free comprehensive brochures available future .


For most folks the kitchen is that the main target of the house; where family and friends meet, greet and eat in the pleasure of each other’s company. Whilst many of us wish to entertain all year long, we’ll feel the strain of a dreary kitchen even more, particularly after the Christmas holiday glitter is packed away which we get a bleak take a look at this room.

That’s when it would be time to begin out dreaming up a much-needed makeover for your kitchen.Cue: Kitchen design inspiration! Then look no further than Bendave Constructions. we’ll design and install your kitchen just the way you’d prefer it to be. From sleek worktops to innovative storage solutions, we’ll lookout of it all, and let your kitchen reflect your style and taste.

We believe every step towards your dream kitchen should be hassle-free and exciting. we’ll take you thru a range of kitchen designs and units and assist you select the right ones. Once you’ve selected the design and products, we’ll install your kitchen with a high-quality finish.
Before planning the remodelling of your kitchen ask yourself the next questions:

  • What will the new kitchen be used for?
  • What are the priority items?
  • So What are my nice to have?
  • What do I definitely not want?
  • What appliances should I buy?

Such as with one amongst our clients’ case, their kitchen was happening 20 years old, lacked decent lighting, and felt dated by too many swirls and distressing curves. They called us in to supply the space a facelift, commence some brightness, and make it feel effortlessly fresh… but they also needed it to be functional for his or her busy family of 5 .So contact us today for a free consultation.


One of the foremost exciting things about owning your home is having the flexibility to position your own stamp thereon , which’s exactly what Luke and that i were looking forward to doing from day one once we finally stepped onto the property ladder earlier this year. except some minor cosmetic changes of re-staining the floorboards and re-painting the entire house ourselves, our first priority was to re-do our bathroom, and today, I wanted to share our full bathroom renovation with you, now that it’s finally complete. Whilst the rest room wasn’t necessarily to my taste, cosmetically, there wasn’t anything seriously wrong with it, however, the selection to re-do our bathroom immediately the mark was made for us; it wasn’t watertight. As you’ll imagine, the implications for this may be pretty serious over time because the water seeps into and rots the wooden framework, so we made it an unlimited priority to complete this renovation as soon as we had the cash stored-up .Bendave Constructions offers a comprehensive bathroom installation service which is fully project managed. Our installation service offers you complete peace of mind that everything has been covered.

When we give you a quote on your new bathroom we ensure we’ve included all the work and materials required to finish the proposed plan. Our site surveyor will visit you in your home to measure and take details of your existing bathroom, which our designers will then work on to form a design tailored to your requirements. Once you’re happy with our quote we’ll start to prepare your bathroom project by ordering all necessary products which may be delivered to your home once we start work. Our professional in-house fitter will then start work on your bathroom and may keep disruption to a minimum during the works. In terms of budgeting, i would recommend before engaging with us of getting a buffer of a minimum of 10%, within the instance that there are unforeseen complications that come up once the project has begun. you’ll even must consider the time-frame of the bathroom project which may mean that you just simply may well be without a working toilet or shower for a pair of weeks once the renovation begins. So if you don’t have a second bathroom within the house, you’d possibly want to consider staying with family or friends for the short-time basis. Since every job is different, our bathroom designer will advise you of timescales during your design appointment. on the common most bathrooms will take 10-15 working days to complete . If you merely have one toilet within the house we’ll leave the remainder room connected until we are able to fit the new toilet so you’re never without a bathroom.

Finished Ceilings

A while ago, people added basements to their homes to make additional space for storing . As generations passed, these extra rooms began to ascertain more and more activity. Nowadays, it’s common to possess a finished basement that functions as a further lebensraum . Most basements have exposed beams, wires, and ductwork. These can’t only make cleaning harder , but they have a tendency to be an eyesore when guests are over.

There are a couple of different solutions to make the finishing touches on your basement, whether it’s low-lying or standard height which can work on alittle budget, making it easy to feature the value to any existing finishing plans.

Traditional drop ceiling – this is often one among the foremost popular solutions for adding ceilings in older homes, drop ceilings provide a beautiful and cost-effective solution at the value of height. a couple of benefits of getting this done are for the superior noise dampening capabilities and therefore the versatility of recent frames.

Drywallthis is often the most cost effective and most widespread ceiling solutions, Drywall creates a smooth, attractive lebensraum we might simply apply a coat of primer and a coat of your favourite paint colour for a pleasant finished look.

Painted ceilings – an excellent option for a basement with lower ceiling heights are often painting the ceilings. Painted ceilings are slightly less costly compared to the opposite styles. They also require fewer materials to be purchased and installed also . When the ceilings are painted it leaves the joists exposed, which allows for your basement to possess the utmost ceiling height available. Painting your basement ceiling also will give your space a singular modern-industrial look compared to the opposite styles.